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Fly Ash Dryer

Fly Ash Dryer

We offer our clients a fine and excellent grade Fly ash Dryer, which is used in drying and cooling of Pond Ash Dryer materials that flow freely. This product is provided with a rotating shell which is supported on rollers & tires. Our product is available in various configurations.

It requires 5HP to 85 HP electric motor to work efficiently. The Fly Ash Dryer we provide, is very helpful in various process, which are as follows: The fly ash dryer is popular for its novel structure and leading technology, it is generally employed for the drying of clay ,slag ,coal ,fly ash ,ore in the construction and chemical industries..The fuel, gas and coal air heater is installed in the the feed inlet of fly ash dryer, the discharge end is fed with dust cover and automatic baiting device.via pipeline ,the dust cove is connected with dust remover. According to customers' requirements, the dust catching machine ,feeding equipment ,conveyor could specially be designed.

  • Large production capacity,
  • Continuous operation;
  • Simple structure,
  • Easy to operate; less failure,
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • A wide range of application,
  • Fluid resistance is small,
  • You can use it to dry granule-like material, for those adhesion material
  • It is also very beneficial;
  • Operating flexibility, production flow allows the product to have a greater fluctuation range, will not affect the quality of the product
  • Cleaning easy
  • Simple system
  • Flexibility in fuels used.
  • In this type of Dryer model is not fixed.
  • We are manufacturing dryer on the basis of moisture content, product suitability and Capacity.
  • As per that we decide which dryer suits for your product as Continuous type, Batch Type, Rotary Kiln, Activated Drum Dryer, Tunnel Dryer
  • Available in Different Models as per client requirement.
  • Manufacturing from 100kg/hr to 20 Tons/Hr. ***
  • Set as per your requirement
  • Using Different type of Plates which has sustainability in heating scope.
  • We are manufacturing continuous dryer as per client requirement ;
  • Using Mild Steel,
  • Using SS-202(Stainless Steel),
  • Using SS-304 (Stainless Steel)
  • Using SS-316 (Stainless Steel)
  • Using MS-SS Combination
  • Using MS-SS- Gladded Plates
  • Available in all Contraction

Techno Enterprise's Rotary dryer is specially developed for vast range of applications:

  • Buildings & Constructions
  • Minerals & Ores
  • Food products
  • Soil remediation
  • Chemicals
  • Pigments
  • Starch Products
  • Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Pond ash to fly ash
  • Saw Dust
  • Salt Dryer
  • Many Other Drying Applications
  • Sands, Limestone's, Stones and Soil, Ores, fertilizers, wood Chips, Coal, Iron-sulphate, filter cakes, sewage sledges Etc..

Firstly, use one belt conveyor or bucket elevator to send the Fly Ash into the drum of Fly Ash Dryer.

  • Conveyed from the feed screw directly into the Fly Ash Rotary Dryer, raised by the drum wall panels repeatedly, and scattered by the crushing blow devices.
  • Materials and the negative high-temp media are combined sufficiently to complete heat and mass transfer process.
  • Result of the drum wind angle and induced air, feed materials move slowly, and discharged from the spiral after drying, exhaust gas handled by the cyclone, venting to the atmosphere.
  • The dryer adopts the riding wheel device, which make the riding wheel and the rolling ring linear touch all the time. Thus the abrasive and the power loss are greatly reduced. The granularity and the moisture and be controlled by the customer's demand. When drying the coal slurry, the product moisture can be less than 5% and the granularity and be less than 6mm.
S.N> Size> Processing > HP> RPM> Input > Output > Coal > Feed inlet>
MM> Tons> Motor> Mint.> Moisture> Moisture> Calorific Value> Temperature>
1 1200 x 10000> 1.8-5> 7.5> 4> 15-25%> <8%> >5500 KCAL/KG> 700±50°C
2 1200 x 12000> 1.8-5> 11> 4> 15-25%> <8%> >5500 KCAL/KG> 700±50°C
3 1500 x 14000 10-12.5> 15> 3> 15-25%> <8%> >5500 KCAL/KG> 800±50°C
4 1800 x 14000> 15-18> 18.5> 3> 15-25%> <8%> >5500 KCAL/KG> 800±50°C
5 2000 X 16000> 20-25> 18.5> 2.5> 15-25%> <8%> >5500 KCAL/KG> 800±50°C
6 2200 x 18000> 25-30> 22> 2.5> 15-25%> <8%> >5500 KCAL/KG> 800±50°C