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This equipment is mainly used in industrial field to separates the materials in the combination of shape, size and density. It works by injecting the material stream to be sorted into a chamber which contains a column of rising air. Inside the separation chamber, air drag on the objects supplies an upward force which counteracts the force of gravity and lifts the material to be sorted up into the air. Due to the dependence of air drag on object size and shape, the objects in the moving air column are sorted vertically and can be separated in this manner.

Air classifiers are commonly employed in industrial processes where a large volume of mixed materials with differing physical characteristics need to be separated quickly and efficiently. One such example is in recycling centers, where various types of metal paper plastics arrive mixed together and need to be sorted before further processing can take place.

  • Particles are reduced to finer and more uniform sizes.
  • Use of cyclone separator leads to less dusting on output side.
  • No dusting from feeding hopper because feeding is done under negative pressure.
  • It runs at lower speed , hence it requires much less maintenance.
  • They are easy to clean & wash.
  • It is manually fed as normal practice & can be supplied with automatic feeding as well.
  • It uses air classification which does not require screen. Hence, it is free from problems like conking, Printing & frequent replacement of screen do not arise.

Mainly classifier is working following principles of industries :

  • Pigment colors, Chemical and Technical products dyestuffs, Insecticides, Minerals and Ores, Fertilizer, Pesticides.
  • Particle size is finer and more uniform than that obtained from machine using screen.
  • No dusting from feeding hopper because feeding is done under negative pressure.
  • Less dusting on the output end side because the use of cyclone separator.
  • It uses air-classification which requires screen. Hence the problems associated with screen like choking, painting and frequent replacement of screen do not arise.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • It is manually fed as a normal practice. However, it can be supplied with automatic feeding also.
  • It runs at low speed compared to machines using screen, hence much less maintenance require.
Model Production Kg./Hr. Production Mesh Power HP
TEAC-20 40 to 60 60 to 325 2
TEAC-50 80 to 120 60 to 325 5
TEAC-75 130 to 200 60 to 325 7.5
TEAC-100 200 to 250 60 to 325 10
TEAC-150 400 to 500 60 to 325 15
TEAC-250 1000 to 5000 60 to 325 58
TEAC-400 7000 to 10000 60 to 325 82